I am writing a scientific paper with the Springer LaTeX template. I want to create mathematical symbols in the abstract, such as $10^4$ and $\times$. However, all the equations are shown with bold symbols, as demonstrated below:

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How to remove the bold?

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    springer will not use these fonts anyway and if you pach the publisher macros it can slow down or prevent publication. The point of using that template is that Springer get to choose the layout, not the auhor. May 25 at 8:46
  • @David So you suggestion is just leaving them as it is?
    – Tom
    May 25 at 8:55
  • yes, or ask springer to fix if you think it is a bug. But really, it doesn't matter, almost certainly (I have no inside knowledge here) they do not use tex so the template is just to get a source in a known format they can convert, so complicated patching macros have no effect on the output but may break the in-house conversion May 25 at 8:59

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Short answer, put this in your preamble:



In the class file sn-jnl.cls

line: 456 \def\Authorfont{\reset@font\fontsize{12bp}{14.5bp}\selectfont\boldmath\titraggedcenter}%

This defined macro \Authorfont will be used in the macro \artauthors to type the author field before abstract. \boldmath will make the author field $^{\dagger}$ symbol in bold. However in the definition of \@maketitle, the \artauthors macro was not in a group, so it influence the following abstract contents are also in boldmath font. Command patch function from etoolbox package, \patchcmd{\@maketitle}{\artauthors}{{\artauthors}}{}{} was used to add the braces around the macro \artauthors in \@maketitle defenition. In this way, abstract contents won't be influenced by \boldmath.


I agree @David's comment. As a journal template, you should leave it and don't use the patch. Or ask springer to fix it.

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