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I've been typing this equations but these equations does not get enough line spacing spacing. I get space sufficient if I did type them separately but I want them aligned too.

following is the code:

\chi^2 & = \frac{\sigma_{s}^{2}}{\sigma_{p}^{2}} (n-1)\\
& = \frac{31.11}{20} (10-1) \\
& = 13.999

preamble if needed to understand what Im doing wrong

\usepackage[a4paper, inner=1.5cm, outer=1.5cm, top=1.0cm,
bottom=1.5cm, bindingoffset=1cm]{geometry}
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    Off-topic: Don't load both enumerate and enumitem; choose one or the other, but not both. I'd recommend using enumitem... And there's no point in loading mathpazo if you're going to clobber it later by loading mathptmx.
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When working with align* and the multi-row math environments of the amsmath package, a useful paramater to know about is \jot: it governs the default amount of whitespace padding that's inserted between the rows. The default value of \jot is 3pt; you may want to increase its value to 6pt, especially as you're using a fairly large value for the document's basic font size. (The default value of \jot is not increased automatically if a document font size larger than 10pt is used.)

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% What's needed to get the sample document to compile:


\begingroup % Localize scope of the next instruction:
\addtolength\jot{3pt} % default value: 3pt
\chi^2 &= \frac{\sigma_{s}^{2}}{\sigma_{p}^{2}} (n-1)\\
       &= \frac{31.11}{20} (10-1) \\
       &= 13.9995 \,.


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