Is there a way to find out and use the positioning choice (here, top, bottom, page) made for some figure?

Please spend a few minutes to admire 
\ifx\mypos h the following image:\fi
\ifx\mypos t \ref{myfig} at the top of page \pageref{myfig}.\fi
\ifx\mypos b \ref{myfig} at the bottom of page \pageref{myfig}.\fi
\ifx\mypos p \ref{myfig} residing on its own page \pageref{myfig}.\fi

I suppose I could play with \zref to make good guesses, but perhaps there is already something ready-made?

  • \label only records \@currentlabel (counter value), \@currentlabelname (varies), \@currentHref (hyperref target) and the page number. The placement options are implemented a bit flags in the float queue, but the hard part would be figuring out which insert corresponds to the given figure. May 26 at 14:08
  • 2
    It may be better to consider wordings of the following kind: "Figure X above/below" or "Figure Y on the previous/following page" or "Figure Z on page z"... rather than highlighting the location on the specific page; figures will have captions, which readers should... well.. read. varioref can help with the wording choices, as can zref's modules.
    – Werner
    May 26 at 23:54

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Don't forget to run twice.


\newcommand{\savefps}[1]% #1 = label name

\newcommand{\checkh}[3]{% #1 = bit flags, #2 = true, #3 = false
  \ifodd\@tempcntb #2\relax
  \else #3\relax

\newcommand{\checkt}[3]{% #1 = bit flags, #2 = true, #3 = false
  \divide\@tempcntb by 2
  \ifodd\@tempcntb #2\relax
  \else #3\relax

\newcommand{\checkb}[3]{% #1 = bit flags, #2 = true, #3 = false
  \divide\@tempcntb by 4
  \ifodd\@tempcntb #2\relax
  \else #3\relax

\newcommand{\checkp}[3]{% #1 = bit flags, #2 = true, #3 = false
  \divide\@tempcntb by 8
  \ifodd\@tempcntb #2\relax
  \else #3\relax


\edef\foo{\getrefnumber{test}}% see refcount package
\checkh{\foo}{h}{not h}\par
\checkt{\foo}{t}{not t}\par
\checkb{\foo}{b}{not b}\par
\checkp{\foo}{p}{not p}\par



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