I always use LaTeX on different computers, so I hope to install a LaTeX system on a USB drive. I tried to install the LaTeX Portable on my USB drive, then I insert it into another computer, but I found it can't be used normally. Is there a way to make a flash drive USB LaTeX?

  • Yes, there is. Just run the installer with the -portable option: install-tl -portable
    – AlexG
    Jun 1 at 7:10
  • @AlexG I clicked the install-tl-windows.bat in USB drive, but it installed again. So installing USB LaTeX only download the files in USB. Am I right?
    – Y. zeng
    Jun 1 at 7:15
  • I can only speak for the Linux version of the installer. If you run the installer by click, you may need to set the portable option by setting the corresponding checkmark somewhere in the process and adjust the target parent directory TEXDIR.
    – AlexG
    Jun 1 at 7:21
  • @AlexG Okay, but I use Windows 11. Thanks for your idea for Linux.
    – Y. zeng
    Jun 1 at 7:25
  • I just tested the Windows installer on another computer. Within the installer GUI, you need to open the "Advanced" menu, in order to set the "portable installation" option and to adjust TEXDIR, the installation root directory.
    – AlexG
    Jun 1 at 7:30


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