I write a review paper in which various coathors are willing to insert equations from their prior works. Their latex manuscripts seem to use incompatible packages. In particular, the qcircuit package and the quantikz library of tikz have tons of commands with identical names. I am wondering if there exists some elegant solution, such as loading a package locally, or anything like that.

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    You may just load the pdfs of your TikZ created with standalone, so you only worry with half the commands.
    – FHZ
    Jun 2 at 5:17
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    Looks like quantikz is an upgrade. From the manual - "IX. CONVERTING FROM QCIRCUIT I’ve updated all of my existing teaching materials from QCircuit to Quantikz with very little trouble. There are a few standard replacements: ..." etc
    – Cicada
    Jun 2 at 10:32
  • Theoretically one could add prefixes to all the macros for both packages using \let\MYname=\name, then swap them back again as needed. Jun 2 at 14:48


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