I am currently writing a paper that includes quotes. But I am not satisfied with the obtained result; I want to make the quotes look more attractive. To do so, the idea is to make them appear bigger than the text and then be colorful. I've tried the \big and \Big followed by \textcolor{}{} commands, but they didn't work. For the moment, the quotes look like this... enter image description here

And the corresponding code is the following...

``\textsf{...there was little I could teach \textit{Fermi}, and often I asked him to teach me something instead.}''\\ \par
\hspace{5.2cm}\boldsymbol{-} \textit{Luigi Puccianti}\\

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


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I usually use the epigraph package for this.



\qitem{\large ...there was little I could teach \textit{Fermi}, and often I asked him to teach me something instead.}
{--- \textit{Luigi Puccianti}}


By default, the text is flushed to the right, but you can use \epigraphflush to move it elsewhere (see the first few pages of the doc).

Inside the \qitem macro you can use all normal text commands to enhance the appearence of the text.

  • thank you so much for responding. Indeed, I'm not trying to make the text bigger, instead, I want to modify the size of the quotation marks (``....''). The size of the text seems ok to me and its font as well. I found the fruitful solution in the link given by @moewe above. Thanks a lot again for the help.
    – Astro97
    Commented Jun 5, 2022 at 17:08

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