I want to balance the last page of a two columned article using the acmart class with the sigconf option (\documentclass[sigconf]{acmart}).

What I have tried:

  • (1) using \balance in the first column of the last page
  • (2) using \usepackage{flushend}
  • (3) trying to use \usepackage{multicol}

What the outcomes are:

  • (1) The References (that start on the first column of the last page) get pushed under the page in the first column, like so: Trying balance command
  • (2) Nothing
  • (3) The two columns get divided into 4 columns using \begin{multicols}{2}

Has anybody encountered these issues and found a solution ? As a sidenote: I am working in Overleaf

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In the case of acmart.class, I cannot use \usepackage{balance} and \usepackage{flushend} li in the same manner as you.

I discovered the following workaround for the acmart.cls file. The following statement manages the acmart.cls file.

Step 1/2


Step 2/2

\onecolumn \begin{multicols}{2}


  • You saved my day, I was getting crazy with this requirement from Sheridan Communications asking me to use \balance Jan 16 at 17:13

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