I am writing a document with \documentclass[11pt, twocolumn]{paper} In this document I am using a lot of \footnote{}. For the sake of having a neat lay-out I want the footnotes to span over both columns (so a single column footnote in a twocolumn document).

The only sollution I found online was using \usepackage{multicol} and \begin{2}{multicolumn} This did work, however the multicol package causes a lot of other issues with other floats in my document, so I am looking for a different solution. Below is a working example

\documentclass[11pt, twocolumn]{paper}
  \lipsum[1] \footnote{\lipsum[2]} \lipsum

Please see the intended result in green:

intended result

p.s. This question is asked numerous times on several forums, however all of them have remained unanswered, so I figure I would try again myself.

p.p.s. There is also a solution involving \mathfootnote but this does not seem to work for normal footnotes

  • Welcome. // Can you please have a look if my screenshot matches your intention?
    – MS-SPO
    Jun 14 at 14:03
  • You might also look at tex.stackexchange.com/questions/611262/…, If you know what the footnote will be before the page it is on, you could put it into a bottom float*. Jun 15 at 5:03
  • 1
    @MS-SPO This screenshot captures exactly what I want
    – Joep
    Jun 15 at 8:44

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Using separate \footnotemark and \footnotetext, you could manually delay the footnote until it has to split over two columns. Not exactly what you were looking for, but closer.

\documentclass[11pt, twocolumn]{paper}

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