I am trying to place an image (in this case, a red square) at the center of a radial glow (generated as a tikzpicture) all within a pspicture environment.

Consider the code


% Code can be compiled with Pdflatex or Xelatex


\tikzfading[name=fade out, inner color=transparent!0,
outer color=transparent!100]
  star/.style={darkamber, fill=white, path fading=fade out}

  \draw[darkamber, shading=mradial, inner color=topaz, 
  middle color=darkamber!60!sunriseyellow, outer color=darkamber]
 (0, 0) rectangle (6, 6);
\clip (0, 0) rectangle (6, 6);

which produces

enter image description here

I do not know why the red square appears outside the specified dimensions of the pspicture, as I have place the \rput command prior to ending the pspicture.

Perhaps my approach to centering the red square at the point (3,3) within the pspicture is incorrect.

I would appreciate it if someone would suggest how to center the red square within the radial glow in the pspicture. Thank you.


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