\tikzset{mynode/.style={inner sep=2pt,fill,outer sep=0,circle}}


         inner sep=1.2pt,
         minimum size=0.01cm
   % \tikzstyle{every loop}=[]
           \node (a1) at (0,0) [acteur,label=left:\scriptsize{$1$}]{};
           \node (a2) at (1.5,0)[acteur,label=left:\scriptsize{$2$}]{}; 
           \node (a3) at (0,-1.5) [acteur,label=above left:\scriptsize{$3$}]{}; 
           \node (a4) at (1.5,-1.5) [acteur,label=above right:\scriptsize{$4$}]{}; 
           \draw  (a1) -- (a2); 
           \draw  (a2) -- (a4); 
           \draw  (a3) -- (a4);
           \draw  (a1) -- (a3);
           \draw  (a2) -- (a3);
        \draw  (a1) -- (a1);
%\node at (2.25,-1) {\textit{$U^{+}$}};


Here I am trying to draw a self loop at vertex 1 and 2. How to draw it? Please help.

enter image description here

I need this type of loop without arrow

  • Make sure the actual question is outside the code block otherwise people won't be able to see it...
    – user202729
    Jun 22 at 11:43
  • how we can do it outside the code block?
    – JSN
    Jun 22 at 11:43
  • But I have different one
    – JSN
    Jun 22 at 12:26
  • 1
    And also, not related but you already asked a few question and never accepted one of the answers that members have posted. You may want to do that, as a gesture of good behaviour.
    – SebGlav
    Jun 22 at 12:54


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