Is there any alternative \sum sign that can be used to replace the summation sign in Concrete Math fonts ([concmath-otf][1])? I think that the integral sign goes well with the general look of the font but the summation sign does not. The summation sign is same as Computer Modern and does not have the 'slab serif' look. Is there any way that the \Sigma symbol can be appropriately scaled and used instead of the summation sign, although I guess simple linear scaling will give us too thick strokes.



    \[\symrm{e}^x = \Sigma\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{x^n}{n!}.\]
    \[\int \symrm{e}^x = \symrm{e}^x + c.\]

Concrete math summation and integral symbols

  • On a related note, the shape of the \infty symbol also doesn't perfectly match, IMO. Does there exist any other matching glyph to substitute it with? Jun 23 at 19:45


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