I am trying to create an algorithm in Latex with the package algorithm2e and algpseudocode. The code and a picture with my output is included below.

I have two goals:

  1. I would like to unindent the last "end" and "Update $\gamma$"
  2. The vertical lines under Statement 3 should be under the corresponding while and for loop.

However, I did not find any useful trick by now and appreciate any help.

Thank youenter image description here



    \caption{\textit{Imputation of missing values with CART}}\label{alg:two}
    \KwData{$\mathbf{X}$ a $n$ x $p$ matrix with missing values, and a stopping criterion $\gamma$}
    \KwResult{$\mathbf{X}^{imp}$ an imputed $n$ x $p$ data matrix}
            \State initial guess for missing values in $\mathbf{X}$\
            \State $\mathbf{k} \gets$ vector of sorted indices of columns in $\mathbf{X}$ w.r.t. increasing amount of missing values\
            \State \While{not $\gamma$}{
                $\mathbf{X}_{old}^{imp} \gets$  store previously imputed matrix\;
                \For{$j$ in $\mathbf{k}$}{
                    Fit a random forest: CART $ \gets \mathbf{x}_{obs}^{j} \sim \mathbf{x}_{obs}^{-j}$\;
                    Predict missing values: $\mathbf{x}_{miss}^{j} \gets$ CART($\mathbf{x}_{miss}^{-j}$)\;
                    Update $\mathbf{X}^{imp}$: $\mathbf{X}_{new}^{imp} \gets \mathbf{x}_{miss}^{j}$\;
        Update $\gamma$\;
\State \textbf{return} $X^{imp}$\


enter image description here

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  • You're using markup commands from both algorithm2e and algpseudocode, which are not compatible. Keep algorithm package which provides the float environment algorithm, and choose only one between the other two. A short intro: overleaf.com/learn/latex/Algorithms Jun 23 at 19:06


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