s &≥ 1/x \\
    1 - s &≥ 1/y

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How can I make the spacing before and after ≥ to be the same? (I am rendering using KaTex https://katex.org/)

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    Don't do that with array: use align*.
    – Bernard
    Commented Jun 23, 2022 at 20:22

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You can use both an array and an aligned environment to achieve results that will look very similar. Be aware, though, that the contents of the array environment will be typeset in inline math mode, while those of the aligned environment will be typeset in display math mode -- and will also be spaced more loosely.

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\usepackage{array}             % for \newcolumntype macro
\newcolumntype{C}{>{{}}c<{{}}} % for binary and relational operators
\usepackage{amsmath}           % for aligned env.

\begingroup % limit the scope of the next instruction to the current group
    s     &\ge& 1/x \\
    1 - s &\ge& 1/y

    s     &\ge 1/x \\
    1 - s &\ge 1/y

Your code would be wrong also in standard LaTeX.

s &≥ 1/x \\
1-s &≥ 1/y

This requires amsmath on the LaTeX side.

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