How can I redefine the less than inequality in the below MWE so that it resembles the one shown by the screenshot?

enter image description here

Here is the code used.

    % Draw the grid
    \tikzset{help lines/.style={color=blue!50}}
    \draw[thick,step=1cm,help lines] (0,0) grid (20,13);
    \draw[thin,step=2mm,help lines] (0,0) grid (20,13);
        axis x line=center,  axis y line=center,
        axis on top,
        width=16cm,           height=16cm,
        x axis line style={latex-latex},
        y axis line style={latex-latex},
        ticklabel style={font={{\normalsize }}, fill=white,
            inner sep=1pt},
        xmin=-2,   xmax=18.5,
        ymin=-1,   ymax=12.5
        %line one
        \addplot [IneqStyleGtr,
        domain=-1:18,line width=1.5pt,
        ] {-4*x+24};
        %line two
        \addplot [IneqStyleGtr,line width=1.5pt,
        ] {-1.3333333333*x+10.666666666667};
        %line three - y axis
        \addplot [IneqStyleLess,
        thick,black!80!white,domain=-1:18,line width=1.5pt] coordinates {(0,0) (18,0)};
            \addplot [IneqStyleGtr,
        thick,black!80!white,domain=-1:18,line width=1.5pt] coordinates {(0,0) (0,12)};
        %line 4 x axis
        \addplot [IneqStyleGtr,
        thick,black!80!white,domain=-1:16,line width=1.5pt] {-0.5*x+9};
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:18,0.2) {$x$-axis};
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:0.6,12) {$y$};
        %line one
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:11,0.2) {$y=0$};
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:4.2,11.3) {$4x+y=24$};
        %line two
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:13.5,3) {$x+2y=18$};
        %line three
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:8.5,1) {$4x+3y=32$};
        %line four
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:-1,6) {$x=0$};
        \node[fill=white,rounded corners=2pt,inner sep=1pt] at (axis cs:-0.2,-0.2) {$0$};
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    Welcome to TeX.SE! it will be fine if you would extend your code fragment to complete small document. We like to see your command definitions and packages needed for compile your code.
    – Zarko
    Jul 2, 2022 at 10:09
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  • Please always provide MWE (Minimal Working Example), a complete small, compilable document, which reproduce your problem and show where you stuck in your effort to solve it.
  • Your question is not entirely clear, what is your problem. Your code fragment contain undefined command, also is not close to showed image, so I guessing what you after.
  • Something like this?

enter image description here


lbl/.style = {#1, near end, font=\small, sloped} % #1: position
    axis lines=center, semithick,
    x=10mm, y=10mm,
    label style = {font=\Large},
grid=both, minor tick num=9,
major grid style = {blue!30},    
minor grid style = {very thin,  blue!15},    
    ticklabel style={rounded corners, font=\scriptsize, fill=white, inner sep=1pt},
        xmin=-10,  xmax=10,  xtick={-10,-9,...,10},
        ymin=-10,  ymax=10,  ytick={-10,-9,...,10},
every axis plot post/.append style={thick, color=black},
    domain = -10:10, no marks
        %line one
\addplot[name path=A]   {x} node[lbl=above] {$y>x$}
                            node[lbl=below] {$y<x$};
\path   [name path=B] (-10,10) -- (-10,10);

\addplot[pattern=north west lines, 
         pattern color=orange!50]
         fill between[of=A and B];
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