I have tried to convert LaTeX to Epub with Tex4ebook and it's showing ERROR. But it's not showing any error when I have used PdfLaTeX.




\chapter{Single Source Path Algorithm}

For every node $v\in V,$ Dijkstra's algorithm operates on a distance estimate $v.d\ge \delta (v).$ We will always have $s.d=\delta (s)=0.$ For all other nodes $v\neq s,$ we start with $v.d=\infty$. If we later find a better distance $v.d<\infty$, then we have predecessor $v.\pi $ of \textit{v} on a path from \textit{s} to \textit{v} of length $v.d.$.

If we just use Williams' classic heap [\citealt{chap:2:Williams:1964}], we support both extract-min and decrease-key operations in \textit{O}(log \textit{n}) time, thus ending with a total running time of $O((n+m)\log n)=O(m\log n).$.

\section{Integer Weights}

Assume now that the weights are integer and that we can use these integers to index arrays. Then we no longer have an $\Omega (n\log n)$ lower bound.

\textit{Dial's algorithm}. \citeauthor{chap:2:Dial:1969} [\citeyear{chap:2:Dial:1969}] used\index{Dial's algorithm} a very different approach applicable if we somehow know that the maximal finite distance from \textit{s} is $\Delta $. Possible distance stores a doubly linked list of the nodes having that estimated distance. We can then for increasing distances $x=0,\ldots ,\Delta $.

\textit{Fibonacci Heaps}. Speeding\index{Fibonacci heaps} up Dijkstra's algorithm for denser graphs was the main motivation for \citeauthor{chap:2:FredmanandTarjan:1987} [\citeyear{chap:2:FredmanandTarjan:1987}].

\textit{Comparison-based sorting lower bound}. The\index{Comparison-based sorting lower bound} $O(n\log n+m)$ bound is optimal using any comparison-based priority queue because Dijkstra's algorithm visits nodes in order of nondecreasing distances. This means that it can be used to sort \textit{n} keys.   


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\bibitem[Williams(1964)]{chap:2:Williams:1964}{J. W. J. Williams. 1964. Heapsort. \textit{Comm. ACM} 7, 6, 347--348.}

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The problem with bibliography was caused by the bookmark package. As its functionality isn't useful in the HTML mode, we can disable it. The other problem is with the MnSymbol package, which uses unsupported fonts.

I will fix these issues in TeX4ht sources, but in the meantime, you can disable these packages when you compile your document with TeX4ebook. Use this condition in the preamble:


With this change, your document should compile without errors:

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