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Hi, I would like to draw something like the image below using TikZ - a great circle passing through two points on a sphere.

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  • As our community bot already pointed out: Please tell us a bit more. Do you just want to re-drew the above picture using TikZ or do you need an exact diagram where you have two points given and need to draw a great circle through these? Jul 12 at 18:51

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Welcome to TeX.SX! Surely, it depends on what you concretely want to achieve. In case you just want to recreate the above picture, you could re-use this previous answer of mine. Perhaps a little exaggerated, but also quite adaptable:


% Style to set camera angle, like PGFPlots `view` style
\tikzset{viewport/.style 2 args={

% Convert from spherical to cartesian coordinates
    {sin(#1)*cos(#2)}, % X coordinate
    {cos(#1)*cos(#2)}, % Y coordinate
    {sin(#2)}          % Z (vertical) coordinate


    \path[draw] (0,0) circle (1);


        \draw[variable=\t, smooth] 
            plot[domain=90-\RotationX:-90-\RotationX] (\ToXYZ{\t}{0});
        \draw[densely dashed, variable=\t, smooth]
            plot[domain=90-\RotationX:270-\RotationX] (\ToXYZ{\t}{0});
        \draw[variable=\t, smooth, red] 
            plot[domain=90-\RotationY:-90-\RotationY, rotate around y=20] (\ToXYZ{0}{\t});
        \draw[densely dashed, variable=\t, smooth, red]
            plot[domain=90-\RotationY:270-\RotationY, rotate around y=20] (\ToXYZ{0}{\t});
        \draw[variable=\t, smooth, red, very thick] 
            plot[domain=70:0, rotate around y=20] (\ToXYZ{0}{\t});
        \node[circle, fill=red, inner sep=1pt, label={210:$B$}] at (\ToXYZ{0}{0}) {};
        \node[circle, fill=red, inner sep=1pt, label={120:$A$}, rotate around y=20] at (\ToXYZ{0}{70}) {};


enter image description here

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