I'm trying to create a dynamic for loop:

\foreach \m in \forinmacro {...}

Note if I change the last line to

\foreach \m in {a,b,c,d} {...}

it works.

Unfortunately the comma's seem to screw up the foreach and it gives errors(changing a,b,c,d to a lets it work).

Why is \def\forinmacro{{a,b,c,d}} breaking the foreach but \def\forinmacro{{a}} not?


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You need to remove the extra braces.

\usepackage{xparse, ifthen}
\DeclareDocumentCommand\iftb{m m G{\relax}}{\ifthenelse{\boolean{#1}}{#2}{#3}}
\foreach \m in \forinmacro {This is letter : \m\par}
\foreach \m in \forinmacro {This is letter : \m\par}

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