I have MacOSX Catalina (10.15.7). I'm currently using MacTeX-2022. Just today, I updated TeXShop to 4.78, the latest version.

I checked (via the terminal) my version of the package Asymptote; it is 2.61. However, the current version is 2.81. I need help in updating from 2.61 to 2.81. Specifically:

  • Can I go from 2.61 to 2.81 directly?
  • If I need to uninstall Asymptote before getting version 2.81, then how do I do that?
  • Assuming I have uninstalled all versions of Asymptote, how do I install version 2.81? What exactly do I do with any "usr" folder that is created upon downloading Asymptote 2.81? Do I then need to do any commends? If so, which ones?

Thank you!

  • From when I used to use a Mac, my recollection is that MacTeX bundles a version of asymptote. MacTeX supports multiple concurrent versions, so make sure you are really running 2022 and not earlier. That said, the bundled version is the same as in TeXLive, which is Asymptote 2.79. // AoPS has some instructions on how to install Asymptote from source; you can also use MacPorts or Homebrew. Jul 26 at 20:00
  • 1
    Use the TeX Live Utility (found in /Applications/TeX) supplied by MacTeX to update your TeX Live 2022 (which is what is installed by MacTeX). This should update you to the latest released version, 2.79. Jul 26 at 20:47
  • @HerbSchulz I used to terminal to verify that I have TeX Live 2022. However, when I used the terminal to check the version of Asymptote ("asy --version"), it says that I have version 2.61, not 2.79.
    – N1G
    Jul 26 at 20:55
  • @N1G : did you update using TeX Live Utility? Jul 26 at 21:18
  • @HerbSchulz Yes, I selected the asymptote package, reinstalled it, and then checked the version via the terminal; it is still version 2.61.
    – N1G
    Jul 27 at 2:20


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