I decided to migrate my texlive-full installation to something more lightweight,such as TinyTex. I usually like to write documents in LyX.

I ran sudo apt remove texlive-full and successfully uninstalled TexLive. Then, downloaded the latest version of TinyTeX, and added the LaTeX binaries to my PATH via export PATH="$PATH:/home/myname/.TinyTeX/bin/x86_64-linux/". This has been added to my .bashrc file, and updated via source .bashrc.

All the procedure described above works as intended. I checked that I compile my already existing .tex files from the terminal just invoking pdflatex. Of course, I needed to install some packages via tlmgr, but this is expected.

The problem comes when I want to use LyX. When I try to create a new document, I get an error saying that The selected document class Article (Standard Class) requires external files that are not available. The document class can still be used, but the document cannot be compiled until the following prerequisites are installed: article.cls.

Apparently, LyX cannot find any of the classes. I have been already reading several related questions, which lead me to try the following:

  • Trying to Reconfigure LyX. I also tried going to Preferences > Routes and using the PATH prefix option, with different routes, such as /home/myname/.TinyTeX/bin/x86_64-linux /home/myname/.TinyTeX/, /home/myname/.TinyTeX/textmf-local/ or /home/myname/.TinyTeX/textmf-dist/.

  • Trying to set the variables TEXMFLOCAL and TEXMFHOME to some of the previously mentioned values. Apparently, LyX uses these variables to find custom classes, so I thought that maybe it expects them to be defined. In particular, I tried to export TEXMFLOCAL=/home/myname/.TinyTeX/textmf-local/ and then setting TEXMFHOME to different combinations, with no luck.

  • Reinstalling again LyX with sudo apt remove lyx and sudo apt install lyx. This did not solved the problem (it also additionally installed a texlive-base package, but strangely, the article.cls file still was not found. I uninstalled this package again).

What is the correct way to set up correctly an installation of TinyTex + LyX? Am I missing any important step? My system is Ubuntu 16.04, in case it is relevant.



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