I need to draw a diamond with a plus sign in the center and then be able to add limits to it, as shown in the figure.


I need to create one diamond big and bold and another one small and not bold, such that it would follow the same structure of \bigotimes and \otimes:


I'm using the tikz package to create it. However, the indexes are not placed correctly:


I saw other similar questions, but it doesn't work properly in my case. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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This can be achieved with a picture. The \sum symbol actually occupies 90% of its vertical size as stored in the bounding box.


    \ifx#1\displaystyle 1.8\fontdimen8\textfont3 \else
    \ifx#1\textstyle 1.2\fontdimen8\textfont3 \else
    \ifx#1\scriptstyle 1.2\fontdimen8\scriptfont3 \else
    1.3\fontdimen8\scriptscriptfont3 \fi\fi\fi}


\dplus_{n=1}^N \sum_{n=1}^N
\begin{center}% for text style
$\dplus_{n=1}^N \sum_{n=1}^N$ \\
$\scriptstyle \dplus_{n=1}^N \sum_{n=1}^N$ \\
$\scriptscriptstyle \dplus_{n=1}^N \sum_{n=1}^N$


The parameter \fontdimen8 in the font of family 3 stores the default rule thickness for the current style (fraction line, overline, underline).

enter image description here

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