Sorry I am not very familiar with this.

I am using quantikz package to draw quantum circuits. There is an otherwise undocumented feature

& \makeebit[-60][blue]{test} & \qw & \qw \\
& & \qw & \qw

I would like to modify the command so that it can connect not the two consecutive lines but let's say line 1 and 3 with something in between.

I tried to look into the sourcecode:

    \arrow[arrows,line cap=round,to path={(\tikztostart) -- ($(\tikztostart)!{0.5/cos(#1)}!#1:(\tikztotarget)$) node [anchor=east,style={#2}]{#3} -- (\tikztotarget) }]{d}

However, I am not sure how it works with nodes. Can someone please give me an advice or direct me?

Best wishes



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