Kindly suggest which .bst file should match for the style Springer Nature American Physical Society (APS) Reference Style... Please advise

For more details https://typeset.io/formats/springer-nature/springer-nature-american-physical-society-aps-reference-style/d5b6e8aee1ee4160a6f368aedf1ea79c


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  • If you are supposed to use the American Physical Society (APS) bib style along with the "Springer Journal" document class, give


    a try.

  • If you wish to use the APS bib style without employing the "Springer Journal" document class, give

    % ... (other preamble stuff)

    a try. If you pursue this route, you'll probably also have to provide a dummy definition for the macro \bibcommenthead that's used by the Springer Journal bib styles. E.g., something such as \def\bibcommenthead{}.

Springer actually provides an email address for answering authors' LaTeX- and BibTeX-related questions. It is [email protected].

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    The \bibcommenthead undefined command error was driving me crazy, this saved my life! Commented May 12 at 6:11

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