I use PyCharm Community Edition 2022.1.3 to execute Manim projects. Simple animations without any use of latex work well. But when it comes to outputting some text, Windows Shell returns me this error:

RuntimeError: latex failed but did not produce a log file. Check your LaTeX installation.

enter image description here enter image description here

Same happens while working in VS Code.

I use MiKTeX 22.3. with TeXworks version 0.6.7. I found materials pointing I entered PATH variable wrong. However I checked Path variables many times and found no mistakes.

These are system variables with MiKTeX selected

These are system variables with mikTex selected

Could you please spot an error and tell how to correct it. Also let me know if you need something else. Thanks in advance

  • your editor is running latex which is unknown, so either add \programs\latex\miktex\bin to your path or use an explicit path to latex Aug 6 at 12:59
  • what do you get on a command line if you run where latex? Aug 6 at 13:00
  • Thanks for your answers. I solved myp problem by installing manim dedicated tinytex, which contained all packages required for manim Aug 8 at 10:06


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