I had to change my computer with WIn10, where I had TexStudio+MikTex. On the new computer which still uses Win10 I am reinstalling MikTex and TexStudio, but MikTex installer (basic-miktex-22.7-x64.exe) stops showing a list of options "Usage: setupwiz [OPTIONS]". It seems that I should install it manually! Is that right? If so why the manual doesn't mention that? Thank you for any help.

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I had the same problem today too. I guess you installed it system-wide for all users (the option MiKTeX doesn't recommend), right?

The solution: Run the installer as admin by right clicking on the installer file and click run as admin. Then proceed as normal with the global installation.

P.S.: After installation of MiKTeX, it is recommended to make a update for all packages. I don't know if it's a bug, but try not to update the miktex-doc package. (At least for me, the MiKTeX consoel halted. After killing the console in Task Manager, some errors with missing .dll files popped up every time I tried to start the console again, suggesting that I should reinstall MiKTeX.)

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