I would like to add zero to the origin of the axes. I tried with clip = false and \node[anchor=east] (zero) at (axis cs:0,0) {0}; but with disastrous results. This is my graph:

  legend pos=outer north east,
  legend cell align={left},
  yticklabels=\empty, xticklabels=\empty,
  xtick=\empty, ytick={0},
    axis lines=middle,
    x label style={at={(1,0)},right},
    y label style={at={(0,1)},above},
    xlabel={$T$}, ylabel={$\xi$},
    restrict y to domain=-10:1
        \node[anchor=east] (zero) at (axis cs:0,0) {0};                 
        \addplot [viola,smooth,domain=0:7,samples=1000] 
        {1-( (0*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addlegendentry{$r = 0$};
        \addplot [blue, domain=0:7, samples=100,  smooth]
        {1-( (0.2*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addplot [green, domain=0:7, samples=100,  smooth] 
        {1-( (0.4*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addplot [yellow,smooth,domain=0:7] 
        {1-( (0.6*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addplot [orange,smooth,domain=0:7] 
        {1-( (0.8*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addplot [red,smooth,domain=0:7] 
        {1-( (1*exp(-1/4)) *exp(1/x))};
        \addplot[only marks, mark=*,fill=cyan] coordinates { 
    \draw[-stealth] (6,3) -- ++(0,-2) node[midway,above,anchor=west] {$r$ crescente};

Any ideas?


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When using axis lines=middle, PGFPlots will hide the tick labels around origin, to prevent axis lines interfering with them. To disable this feature, you can use hide obscured y ticks=false like this:

\documentclass[tikz, border=1cm]{standalone}
xmin=0, xmax=8,
ymin=0, ymax=1,
xtick=\empty, ytick={0},
axis lines=middle,
hide obscured y ticks=false,

Empty graph with a "0" tick

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