I'm trying to convert a LaTeX document ("latex-to-word.tex") to Word using pandoc. Unfortunately, I cannot print neither the reference list nor parenthetical citations in the Word file.

I'm running this on Mac's Terminal:

pandoc -s latex-to-word.tex -o latex-to-word.docx

Here's the MWE:


    author = {Gray, Carole and Malins, Julian},
    journal = {Principles \& Definitions: Five Papers by the European Postgraduate Art \& Design Group},
    title = {{Research Procedures/Methodology for Artists \& Designers}},
    year = {1993}

According to \textcite{GrayMalins1993}.


Any idea what else should I do to get the references in the text and at the end of the document?


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Alright, thanks to @ingmar I found the answer here: LaTeX + Biblatex bibliography to other formats via Pandoc:

The correct command should be:

pandoc --bibliography=bibliography.bib -o latex-to-word.docx latex-to-word.tex --citeproc

I don't have enough reputation to comment on the other great answers here, but having just done this I'll add that you can use a CSL file to maintain e.g., numeric citations instead of author-date style, which is the default:

pandoc --bibliography=bibliography.bib -o latex-to-word.docx latex-to-word.tex --citeproc --csl=nature.csl

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