To write GL(V), I am facing the following problem:

If we put it in dollar signs, then G and L will look in italic form;

To avoid this, I write \mbox{GL}(V). This produces G and L in standard form appearing in texts and papers.

But, if I am writing a statement in italic, and if I write \mbox{GL}(V) for GL, then again, G and L will look italic.

Question: What is correct way to write GL(V) in standard math form, which will remain same even after its inclusion in italic statement or standard statement?

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I'd use amsmath's \DeclareMathOperator


and then write \GL(V) in math mode.

(The result is the same as using \operatorname{GL}(V) but more convenient.)


I'd simply use \mathrm:


See also this post.

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