I was trying to install the mhchem package on my computer (Ubuntu Budgie 22.04), and I didn't find the command on the internet, so I tried these:

sudo apt install texlive-mhchem
sudo apt install texlive-science-mhchem

The terminal said that it couldn't find the packages. In the end, I fixed the problem by just running this command

sudo apt install texlive-science

and installing every package in texlive-science. So, is there a document where all package paths are written? How could I know what commands to use when trying to install other packages next time?

I think I found something about the /usr/ias/texlive directory, but I don't have it on my PC.


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texlive-science is what you want, various sites let you search apt eg https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/all/texlive-science/filelist

Note ubuntu/debian packages texlive in largish "collections" to fit apt better, unlike texlive from tug you can not get individual latex packages

eg looking for all apt packages that have tabularray I used


so would need texlive-latex-extra to install via apt (if I had an apt-mangaged texlive)

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