There is a problem with using the package permute with glossaries.

A minimal working example: (by the way a minimal working example to show how an "index of notation" can be created)


\newglossaryentry{root}{name=\ensuremath{\sqrt{(12)}},description={a square root}}

%% uncomment the following line and the problem appears
%\newglossaryentry{permutation}{name=\ensuremath{\pmt{(12)}},description={a permutation}}

Permutations in the text work well $\pmt{(123)(45)}$.

If the Perl script "makeglossaries" is available, run this with:

pdflatex filename
makeglossaries filename
pdflatex filename

Uncommenting the line in the source code leads to:

! Undefined control sequence.
\pmt@GetPrintArgs #1->\let \pmt@order [...]

Is there a possibility to use \pmt in the glossary? Using the package option sanitize=none does not help. Enclosing \pmt{...} with \protect did not help.

The solution is simply, as egreg pointed out, to write


without braces. Note that \protect{\pmt{...}} with braces does not help.


Just add \protect in front of \pmt:

  description={a permutation}
  • That's it. Thanks! The problem was that \protect must be used without braces. I've included the answer above. – One Aug 1 '12 at 20:30

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