I want to create something similar to this: enter image description here

Where the City, Date is flushed left and the First Name Last Name is flushed right and has a signature line above it, where I want to add a image with a signature. I have following code at the moment:

    \includegraphics[width=2.5in, keepaspectratio]{images/singature.jpg}
    \hrulefill \\
    John Doe
City, Date

It doesn't align the City, Date and First Name Last Name text however. I would like to have those two horizontally aligned.

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You can use the standard tabular*, with the help of booktabs.



\noindent X\dotfill X\par\medskip% to see the margins

Somewhere, 26 August 2022
& \includegraphics[width=2.5in,height=0.7in]{example-image} \\
\footnotesize City, Date & \footnotesize Signature


enter image description here


Like this:

enter image description here

With use of table (written by use of the tabularray package) is simple:


\begin{tblr}{colspec ={l X @{} l},
             abovesep=11pt, belowsep=0pt
Maribor, August 26, 2022    
            &&   \includegraphics[width=55mm, height=22mm]{images/singature.jpg}\\[2ex]
City, Date  &&  First and Last name

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