I created a custom reference but I want to use cross-referencing to refer to the custom reference. When I want to reference it I want it to show F/R 1, F/R 1.1 or F/R 1.1.1 when I cross reference the custom counter. How can I do this?

    \newcounter{thephase} \setcounter{thephase}{0}
\newcounter{thesubphase}[thephase] \setcounter{thesubphase}{0}
\newcounter{thesubsubphase}[thesubphase] \setcounter{thesubsubphase}{0}
\newcommand{\phase}[1]{\refstepcounter{thephase}\textbf{F/R \arabic{thephase}}}
\newcommand{\subphase}[1]{\refstepcounter{thesubphase}\textbf{F/R \arabic{thephase}.\arabic{thesubphase}}%
\newcommand{\subsubphase}[1]{\refstepcounter{thesubsubphase}\textbf{F/R \arabic{thephase}.\arabic{thesubphase}.\arabic{thesubsubphase}}%

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An example of my interpretation of the question:







  \phase{A} First phase.

  \subphase{B} First subphase.

  \subsubphase{C} First subsubphase.

  \ref{A}, \ref{B}, \ref{C}



F/R 1 First phase.
F/R 1.1 First subphase.
F/R 1.1.1 First subsubphase.
References: F/R 1, F/R 1.1, F/R 1.1.1


  • I have simplified the counter names, they are using a different namespace as macros, thus counter phase and \phase are different entities.

  • The counter have a accompanying macro \the<counter> that is used for the display of the counter value und its references.

  • The definitions for the counter displays of \thesubphase and \thesubsubphase are simplified by using the parent counters.

  • \leavevmode ensures that the paragraph has started to avoid that \refstepcounter moves to vertical mode on a previous page than the text set by \textbf.

  • The argument of the macros is not used in the question. Maybe, it is intended for the cross-referencing label name, see the example file.

  • The cross-referencing works as usual with \label (already present in the \phase macros) and \ref and \pageref.

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