I have to write an expression of the form


However, the term is squeezed by TeX in the denominator (the x does not have the same height as if I did not use a fraction). Here the output:

enter image description here

How can the heights be made consistent?

Here is an MWE:


    $$\frac{1}{E_{s}^{x}}$$ $$E_{s}^{x}$$

Thank you.


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If a \frac expression is encountered while in \displaystyle math mode, the numerator term is typeset in (ordinary) \textstyle and the denominator is typeset in so-called "cramped" \textstyle. If you don't like this default behavior, you need to insert -- depending on the look you want to achieve -- either \displaystyle or \textstyle at the start of the denominator material.

enter image description here

$\displaystyle E_{s}^{x} \quad 
 \textstyle    E_{s}^{x}$

 \frac{1}{E_{s}^{x}} \quad 
 \frac{1}{\displaystyle E_{s}^{x}} \quad 
 \frac{1}{\textstyle    E_{s}^{x}}$

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