I would like to change the default color of a shadowbox to grey. How to do that with no problem of equation "style"/"management" inside the shadowbox ?

Thank you very much


Here's one possibility defining commands \Cshadowbox and \@Cshadowbox analogously to \shadowbox and \@shadowbox as implemented in fancybox.sty; the color can be changed using ShadowColor:



    \advance\dimen@ .5\fboxrule
      \color{ShadowColor}\vrule \@height\ht\@fancybox \@depth\dp\@fancybox \@width\dimen@}}%
      \color{ShadowColor}\hrule \@width\wd\@fancybox \@height\dimen@}}}









enter image description here

  • Is this possible to change the rule color for \ovalbox? Please suggest...
    – MadyYuvi
    Jan 31 at 15:05

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