I would like to use the bibliography style acm with authors' names + year instead of numbers. Is it somewhat possible?

\usepackage{parskip} %With this, If I don't need the \\
          left={2.2 cm},
          right={2.2 cm},
          top={2.2 cm},
          footnotesep={15 pt},
          headsep={17 pt},
          headheight={1.2 cm}
\setlength{\footnotesep}{10 pt}

\title{Some Title% 
       \normalsize\textbf{PhD Proposal}}

\fancyhf{} % clear existing header/footer entries
\fancyhead[L]{\rule[-1.6ex]{0pt}{1.6ex}\scriptsize\textbf{Bulgarelli}: \textit{Market Structure and Sustainability}}


Lorem ispum blablabla \cite{ellenmacarthur2022}. 


Bibtex file is:

 author = {{Ellen MacArthur Foundation}},
 title = {Circular Economy Introduction},
 year = {2022},
 note = {see \url{https://ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/topics/circular-economy-introduction/overview}. Last accessed 02-September-2022}

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First, acm.bst is obsolete. Use ACM-Reference-Format.bst. Second, ACM-Reference-Format can produce author-year citations if used with natbib.

So add to your preamble


and put for the bibliography


and you will get

Lorem ispum blablabla Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2022).

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