I'd like to draw a horizontal flowchart like the one below in TikZ: A horizontal flowchart as drawn by hand

My professional skills have led me to this one flowchart that doesn't look like the required one. My drawing flowchart

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}
% for fancy looks of data storages
    node distance = 5mm and 7mm,
      start chain = going right,
 disc/.style = {shape=cylinder, draw, shape aspect=0.3,
                shape border rotate=90,
                text width=17mm, align=center, font=\linespread{0.8}\selectfont},
  mdl/.style = {shape=ellipse, aspect=2.2, draw},
  alg/.style = {draw, align=center, font=\linespread{0.8}\selectfont}
    \begin{scope}[every node/.append style={on chain, join=by -Stealth}]
\node (n1) [alg] {image 1};
\node (n2) [alg]  {image 2};
\node (n3) [alg]  {image 3};
\node (n4) [alg] {image 4};
\node (n3) [alg]  {image 5};
\node[below=of n4] {Figure 1:Project flowchart};


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This post tells you how to insert an image in a node: How can I embed an external image within a tikzpicture environment?

You then just need to insert your text using \nodes at the desired locations.

enter image description here

\node[inner sep=0pt] (n1) at (0,0) {\includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{example-image.jpg}};
\node[inner sep=0pt, draw, red, line width=1mm] (n2) at (5,0)  {\includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{example-image.jpg}};
\node[draw] (n3) at (10,0)  {\includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{example-image.jpg}};

\node (n4) at (15,0) {image 4};

\draw[->] (n1)--(n2);
\draw[->] (n2)--(n3);
\draw[->] (n3)--(n4);

\node[above=3cm] at (n1) {Phase 1};
\node[below=3cm, align=center] at (n1) {Description\\of phase 1\\1-The first\\1-The first\\1-The first};

\node[above=3cm] at (n2) {Phase 2};
\node[above=3cm] at (n3) {Phase 3};

\caption{Project flowchart}

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