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I am wondering how to format a title page like this centered in the page.

  • Vertical centering can be done by putting \vspace*{\fill} above and below. Adding text at the bottom will raise the centered part unless you \smash it (overlap). Sep 14, 2022 at 14:00

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You didn't say what document class you're using, or specify any relevant packages. Because of that, it's hard to give an exact answer. I can only suggest looking at the titling page and its documentation.

Here's an example using the article class. I've also defined commands for inserting the TA name and class section info in addition to the standard commands for titles, authors and dates.



% make title large, bold, centered

% make author block large, bold, centered, raised, followed by TA, section
\preauthor{\vspace*{-3ex}\begin{center}\bfseries\large by\par\bigskip}
\postauthor{\par\bigskip TA: \theTA\par\bigskip\theclasssection

% make date of submission pushed to bottom, centered, bold

% define new commands for additional fields


% set fields
\title{Experiment Title}
\author{Student (or Students') Name(s)}
\date{Date of submission}
\TA{TA's Name}
\classsection{Lab Section, Group, Day of week and time of lab}


% typeset titlepage


There are lots of ways to tweak that, and it may be necessary to take a different approach, especially if you're using a non-standard document class.

title page example

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