I like to use a circular chart with different layers as shown in the attached file. Is it possible to develop in LaTeX? Thank you. enter image description here

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    Maybe you could show us what you tried so far? So we can identify the problems you have. Sep 16 at 6:58

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Something to start:

\documentclass[tikz, border=2mm]{standalone}
\begin{tikzpicture}[myline/.style={white, line width=1mm}]
\fill[blue!15] (0,0)--(0:4) arc (0:180:4)--cycle;
\fill[red!15] (0,0)--(0:4) arc (0:-180:4)--cycle;
\fill[blue!20] (0,0)--(0:3) arc (0:180:3)--cycle;
\fill[blue!5] (0,0)--(0:2) arc (0:180:2)--cycle;
\fill[red!10] (0,0)--(0:2) arc (0:-180:2)--cycle;
\fill[gray!5] (0,0) circle(1cm);
\draw[myline] (0,0) circle(1cm) circle(2cm);
\draw[myline] (180:3) arc(180:0:3cm);
\draw[myline] (-1,0)--++(180:3cm) (1,0)--++(0:3cm) (0,2)--++(90:1cm);
\draw[myline] (-60:2)--++(-60:2cm) (-120:2)--++(-120:2cm);

\node {A};
\node at (0,1.5) {B};
\node at (0,-1.5) {C};
\node at (135:2.5) {D};
\node at (45:2.5) {E};
\node at (-150:3) {F};
\node at (-90:3) {G};
\node at (-30:3) {H};
\node at (90:3.5) {I};

enter image description here

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