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I want to learn how to draw things like this. Can you show me how to do this please?

so far i have already measured the rectangle: ,tikz \draw (0,0) -- (5.2,0) -- (5.2,2.6) -- (0,2.6) -- (0,0);

  • Note that K is located on a circle connecting B and D (center at ($(B)!0.5!(D)$) using calc tikzlibrary). Sep 16 at 14:44
  • I have measured the rectangle so far. Now i have following tikz: ,tikz \draw (0,0) -- (5.2,0) -- (5.2,2.6) -- (0,2.6) -- (0,0); How can i connect it with k?
    – user279680
    Sep 16 at 14:49
  • Please edit your question and add the code you have so far. Make sure that you provide a compilable minimal working example (MWE) and point to the problem you have. Sep 16 at 14:53
  • Another \draw or simply separate the new lines with a blank. Also note \draw (0,0) rectangle (5.2,2.6): Measureing the points is certainly easier to trying to construct K. Sep 16 at 14:53
  • How can I add A B C D to the rectangle?
    – user279680
    Sep 16 at 15:06

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From your picture, I use 3dtools to draw. I guess the line DA is perpendicular to the plane ABC And then, the triangle AKB is right at K.

\usetikzlibrary{calc,3dtools,angles,quotes}% https://github.com/marmotghost/tikz-3dtools
    \begin{tikzpicture}[3d/install view={phi=60,theta=70,psi=0},declare function={r=3;},c/.style={circle,fill,inner sep=1pt}] 
    (0,0,0) coordinate  (A)
    (0,2*r,0) coordinate  (B)
    ({r*cos(30)},{r*sin(30)},0) coordinate  (K);
    \pgfmathsetmacro{\myd}{sqrt(TD("(K)-(A)o(K)-(A)"))} ;
    \pgfmathsetmacro{\myh}{\myd*tan(15)} ;
    (0,0,\myh) coordinate  (D)
    (0,2*r,\myh) coordinate  (C);
\path foreach \p/\g in {A/180,B/-90,K/-90,D/90,C/90}
{(\p)node[c]{}+(\g:2.5mm) node{$\p$}};  
\draw[3d/visible] (D) -- (A) -- (K) -- (B) -- (C) -- (D) (D) -- (K);    
\draw[3d/hidden] (A) --(B) (A) --(C) ;
 \path pic[red]{3d circle through 3 points={%

enter image description here

  • That looks great,
    – user279680
    Sep 16 at 16:04
  • But when I copy and paste this in discord I get an compile Error.
    – user279680
    Sep 16 at 16:05
  • Discord, as many other apps for organization, do not support LaTeX. At most they can manage MathJax, which do not support tikz. If you want something that can be rendered in discord, it should be on your question and I believe it will be off topic in this site Sep 17 at 0:14
  • @user279680 You go to github.com/marmotghost/tikz-3dtools/blob/master/… download that file and save the same folder of the file. Sep 17 at 10:54

This assumes planar geometry (not 3D). (K) can be located anywhere on the red circle. The angle really is $15^\circ$.


  \draw[red] (0,0) circle [radius=\R];% illustration purposes only
  \coordinate (A) at (195: \R);% polar coordinates
  \coordinate (B) at (-15: \R);
  \coordinate (C) at (15: \R);
  \coordinate (D) at (165: \R);
  \coordinate (K) at (250: \R);% angle not important
  \path (A) node[below left] {A}
        (B) node[below right] {B}
        (C) node[above right] {C}
        (D) node[above left] {D}
        (K) node[below] {K};
  \draw (A) -- (B) -- (C) -- (D) -- cycle;
  \draw (A) -- (K) -- (B) (D) -- (K);
  \draw pic[draw, angle radius=1cm,
            angle eccentricity=1.3, 
            pic text=$15^\circ$,
            pic text options={font=\small, rotate=-60}]
          {angle = D--K--A}
        pic[draw, angle radius=3mm] {right angle = B--K--D};


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