I am writing my thesis and I want to have italic figure label, but I want reference number of figure to be non italic(just normal text) in my later text. In preamble I have this part of code to get italic figure label:

\renewcommand{\fnum@figure}{\textit{{Figure}} \thefigure}

When I am referencing figure in text I am doing it like this

We can see on picture ~\ref{fig - figurename} blah blah...

but this gives me italic reference number like this:

We can see on picture 2.1 blah blah...

but instead I want to have:

We can see on picture 2.1 blah blah...

How can I change this in whole text?

PS I am using overleaf.

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This is \figurename~\ref{key} in \LaTeX.

enter image description here

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