Good day to everyone. I am using the exam document class to type my questions paper, and in the preamble I add the Hieroglf pakage. But unfortunately when compiling \Hten, \Hhundred ...it shows but 2,3...,instead of egyptian numerals

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    please always show in a code block a complete small document that shows the problem Sep 21, 2022 at 11:36

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As described in the hieroglf package manual (page 3), you need to select the hieroglyph font before using commands like \Hten. This can be done with a font switch \pmhgfamily, which uses the hieroglyph font for all following text until a different font switch is used, or with the command \textpmhg{} for which only the argument is rendered in the font (similar to for example \textbf{}).

This font selection is needed in all classes, not just for exam.


These are hieroglyph numbers: \textpmhg{\Hten \Hhundred}


enter image description here


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