Everything was working fine before my debian upgrade. Now when I'm trying to compile this example with pdflatex:


I obtain:

 relsize.sty error line 77: Paragraph ended before \@tempb was complete.
 relsize.sty warning : Failed to get list of font sizes.

What should I do?

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    works fine for me. Show your complete log-file. Sep 23 at 12:24

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At last I found where the problem was. It turned out that the problematic package was located in my user's texmf folder (~/texmf/tex/latex/ltxmisc/relsize.sty) and its version was from 2003! (I even don't remember why and when I installed it this way). After manual removing the folder ltxmisc, MikTeX did the job and automatically installed newer version of relsize.sty during the compilation process. The funny part is that I must have used old version of relsize for many years and the problem appeared not until moving from Debian Buster to Bullseye.

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