I have installed texlive 2022 and would like to write Hebrew using Makor2. For this you need to install the Omega extension. My attempts failed. How do I install the Omega and Makor2 extension on texlive 2022?

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  • omega is obsolete ctan.org/pkg/omega. Can't you use lualatex or xelatex? Sep 23 at 13:31
  • You're right, but makor2 allows you to write in different languages using the Latin script. You don't need to use letters like Hebrew. As far as I know, xelatex and lualatex need to be written in Hebrew, Arabic etc. yesterday
  • transliterations are possible with lualatex (and xelatex) too, see e.g. the arabluatex package. The babel documentation contains a list of existing transliterations (but imho nothing for hebrew yet). yesterday


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