I am currently refactoring my document and notice many MetaPost graphics that I would like to draw bigger, typically on two pages without any layout borders. Is there an easy way to do that in ConTeXt? I have noticed that this question as already be asked but the answer is LaTeX-centric.

For this question, let's assume that I have a doublesided A4 document with a 42cm width graphic (2 times A4 paper width):

\setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided, location=]

  fill origin -- (42cm,0cm) -- (42cm,10cm) -- (0cm,10cm) -- cycle withcolor .3[white,red] ;


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Thanks to Wolfgang Schuster and Dave Jarvis in this link I found the answer which was easier than I thought; even easier than the original answer since we do not have to adjust the graphic width and height in the layer.

\setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided, location=]

  path background;
  background := origin -- (42cm,0cm) -- (42cm,10cm) -- (0cm,10cm) -- cycle ;
  fill background withcolor 0.3[white,red] ;

  label("left",origin) scaled 10 shifted (5cm, ypart(center background)) withcolor white ;
  label("right",origin) scaled 10 shifted (35cm, ypart(center background)) withcolor white ;




Hello \page World

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