I'm using the tufte-handout class, which sets the text in Palatino, I believe. Is there a way to make \textsc{ß} render as "ẞ"? (currently it renders as "SS".)

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This gives me ẞ when writing \textsc{ß}

\babeltags{de = ngerman}
\babeltags{en = english}
% the next line makes text figures proportional, oldstyle, while math uses lining figures
\usepackage{amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, amsthm} % For math equations, theorems, symbols, etc / must be loaded before amsthm, if using amsthm
\usepackage{units} % Non-stacked fractions and better unit spacing
\usepackage{amsthm} % must be loaded before newpxmath

(adapted from https://ctan.kako-dev.de/fonts/newpx/doc/newpxdoc.pdf )

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