I'm producing a letterhead and having rather a lot of trouble dropping all 7 necessary logos into the first page.

While I have quite successfully laid out the first page with setframedlayer and putting those layers into the background, I have not happened upon an adequate solution to the "margins problem."

The first page, using:

\setuplayout[% default layout for all the pages
    topspace=5mm, bottomspace=5mm,width=170mm, backspace=20mm]

    topspace=20mm, top=0mm,
    header=40mm, footer=0mm

as well as quite a few layer commands produces:

pretty first page

But then it produces:

enter image description here

the margin continuing onto the second page, for the duration of the paragraph that has slopped over. While this is most likely a bug (or bad code on my part), the alternative is to impose two figures onto the first page holding the right sidebar and the bottom logos.

I am now trying to use tricks from the Tricks manual to do floats and am failing utterly. I have attempted this on both the TeXLive 2012 version as well as the latest standalone version.

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  • This is a limitation of TeX which first typesets paragraphs and then breaks them into a page. So the width of a paragraph cannot change in the middle. – Aditya Aug 6 '12 at 5:02

The sidebar should be a placed float:

\placefigure[none, right, margin, top]{}{
                 \color[faimsblue]{\setupwhitespace[small] http://www.fedarch.org}}
    \framed[width=50mm, frame=off, align={stretch, verytolerant, hz, hanging}, ]{\tfxx\setupinterlinespace[line=3.78ex]\sc\color[faimsblue]{Contributors: Australian Heritage}}}

The bottom should be a layer sitting in a \setupfooter[state=empty] which provides for a blank footer space (so that your second-page footers can be customized.

That produces:

enter image description here

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