I am using clean thesis template v0.4.0.

I would like to know how to modify the height of the footer. The default setting seems to have a huge margin.

enter image description here

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From the cleanthesis.sty file contained in the .zip from your link, the relevant code is here:

\setlength{\footheight}{120pt}      % avoids scrlayer-scrpage warning:
                                    % footheight to low warning
\setlength{\footskip}{185pt}        % BAD HACK that moves the foot downwards

Modifying these and loading the geometry package to change the page margins (I could not see where the margin was being defined to give such a gap) gives this:

enter image description hereenter image description here

Add these lines:



% **************************************************
% Setup YOUR thesis document in this file !
% **************************************************

in the my-thesis.tex file and play with the numbers and margins. Those are the values used to replicate the pictures I have uploaded. The geometry package has good documentation and you can modify it via top, bottom etc. and change the values of \footheight and \footskip until you are happy with it. This works but is likely not the greatest solution.

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    Thank you! You saved my Ph.D. thesis. What I wanted is \usepackage[bottom=2cm]{geometry}
    – Sakurai.JJ
    Commented Oct 4, 2022 at 1:25

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