I'm using Emacs 23 with bib-cite-minor-mode. However, this minor mode requires a \bibliography{} statement in the file. I have a master LaTeX file in which I have \include commands, so each section does not have a \bibliography{} command. How can I specify a default bibiography for bib-cite-minor-mode?

Specifically setting bib-cite-aux-inputs and bib-cite-inputs to the folder in which the .tex and .bib files are located did not solve this.

Update: I also use RefTeX, which I have since discovered includes the functionality which I was using bib-cite-minor-mode for: in RefTeX, C-c & opens the reference in the bibliography file. I was clicking on the reference using bib-cite-minor-mode for this.

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bib-cite-minor-mode appears to be less sophisticated in searching out bib files than reftex. If you want to continue using bib-cite-minor-mode, but set it up to use RefTeX functions for actually finding the bibliography files, set bib-cite-use-reftex-view-crossref to a non-nil value. You can do this with M-x customize-variable bib-cite-use-reftex-view-crossref and following the prompts, or adding the following to your .emacs:

(setq bib-cite-use-reftex-view-crossref t)

For me, the function bib-display from bib-cite-mode can't find my bibliography files unless I do this, so maybe it will fix your problem too.

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