I want to show the map of iceland with \Iceland via \usepackage{countriesofeurope}. But it is not getting printed.






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Correct usage is \EUCountry[<options>]{<country>}

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Section 2 in the manual specifies that

The countries themselves are available by a macro from the following list. The characters are at the position 128–166 in the Type 1 font countriesofeurope.pfb and also available with the \char primitive.

What does this mean? That \Iceland by itself will try to print a character in the current font, but in this case an error is raised because there is no default font encoding assigned for \Iceland. Adding


would remove the error, but wouldn't print the required map anyway. You get it with


but I guess you concur that \EUCountry{Iceland} (with possible scaling option) is easier. For one thing: this sequence of commands would only work with pdflatex, not with xelatex or lualatex.

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