In order to create a document for my german study, I need to apply a slightly customised version of APA referencing.

In used template, the "accessed at {#1}" text block is printed before the url. I need to have it after the url, as written manually in the second section Literatur (target). Do you have any advice how to achieve that, preferably while using the latex packages I already have configured? (Italics/Non-italic also differ but doesn't matter).

Rendered document: Rendered document

bib.bib source code:

    author = {{Bundesministerium f{\"u}r Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend}},
    lastchecked = {29.09.2022},
    title = {{Stief- und Patchworkfamilien in Deutschland}},
    url = {https://www.bmfsfj.de/resource/blob/76242/ 1ab4cc12c386789b943fc7e12fdef6a1/monitor-familienforschung -ausgabe-31-data.pdf},
    year = {2013},
    bdsk-url-1 = {https://www.bmfsfj.de/resource/blob/76242/%201ab4cc12c386789b943fc7e12fdef6a1/monitor-familienforschung%20-ausgabe-31-data.pdf}}

document.tex source code:




\renewcommand{\BRetrieved}[1]{Abgerufen am {#1}, }

Citing of document in APA style \cite[S.~1]{ministerium}, unfortunately with some adaptions. 

It should actually look like \emph{Literatur (target)}, displaying 'abgerufen am 29.09.2022' after url.


\section*{Literatur (target)}

\item[Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (2013).] Stief- und Patchworkfamilien in Deutschland. https://www.bmfsfj.de/resource/blob/76242/1ab4cc12c386789b943fc7e12fdef6a1/monitor-familienforschung-ausgabe-31-data.pdf,~abgerufen~am~29.09.2022.

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I would like to recommend that you (a) switch from apacite/bibtex to biblatex/apa/biber -- mainly so that you can make use of the current-generation APA7 formatting guidelines (apacite implements APA6...) and also get better German-specific adaptations -- and (b) not make any idiosyncratic changes to the way the bibliographic entries are formatted by biblatex. Trust me: You may well believe that you're doing something useful here, but no one else will. My apologies if I hurt your feelings.

For this to work properly with biblatex, you will also need to change the field

lastchecked = {29.09.2022},


urldate = {2022-09-29},

Note the use of the ISO format for the date; this is essential.

To compile the document, you must run latex-biber-latex, no longer latex-bibtex-latex-latex.

I would also strongly recommend that you not insert any wanton spaces in URL strings. Instead, do load the xurl package, which allows URL strings to be broken at arbitrary places.

enter image description here

Note the prefix string "Verfügbar 29. September 2022 unter" right before the URL string.


    author = {{Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend}},
    title  = {{Stief- und Patchworkfamilien in Deutschland}},
    url    = {https://www.bmfsfj.de/resource/blob/76242/1ab4cc12c386789b943fc7e12fdef6a1/monitor-familienforschung-ausgabe-31-data.pdf},
    year   = {2013},
    urldate = {2022-09-29},


\usepackage{xurl} % <-- important
\usepackage[colorlinks,allcolors=blue]{hyperref} % optional

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    Thank you for caring for my feelings, that's very kind of you ;) - But most of all thanks for dealing with my issue. Switching to biblatex/apa/biber comes with a slight disadvantage for me: If I use it, the program "Texifier" I use switches to a typesetting mode with less performance. Therefore I tried to avoid it, but if It solves my problem I happily do it. Unfortunately, my issue is still unsolved - I need to have the "accessed at date" snippet written after the URL - not because I like it that way, but because that's a requirement by my tutors. I know it's stupid. Commented Oct 6, 2022 at 7:11
  • @ErikTheoboldt - May I suggest that you post a new query, in which you state specifically that you work with biblatex/apa/biber and the urldate field, and that you need to change the prefix string "Verfügbar 29. September 2022 unter" to the suffix string ", abgerufen am 29.09.2022"?
    – Mico
    Commented Oct 6, 2022 at 11:40

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