First of all, I am a total beginner with both LaTeX and Ubuntu (and I have no clue about programming etc.), so please explain things in a way that I can follow and thanks in advance for your help and patience.

So... I started writing my Chemistry-thesis with LaTeX (using Ubuntu 12.04, TeXLive2009 from the software center, and TeXmaker) and I am having problems with the numbering of my molecules. I used chemstyle and bpchem, but somehow the tracking doesn't work properly. Within the schemes the compounds are labelled correctly, whereas in the text it is completely messed up.

I read that the chemnum package is better for this job, so I wanted to ask you how I can get this new package running (because it is not included in this TeXLive bundle). Where can I download it, where do I save the file?

Do I need to use the terminal? (reminder: I am really a complete beginner with Linux)

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